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M dream of the communicator, is Mission's shorthand, on behalf of the brand's mission and mission. I innovative adversary, is Innovate shorthand, Yu Yi we lead the world trend of technological innovation, with international horizons, extract the essence of different regional culture products will play to the extreme. X is the representative of the natural alternation, Xenogenetic is a shorthand, that the brand's emphasis on the ecological environment, the rational use of natural resources to prevent environmental pollution and destruction, in order to the natural environment and the human environment. Z service of the founder, is Zeal's shorthand, said the dedicated service, metaphor after-sales work thousands of things, complicated, need to spend a lot of time and effort, MIXZA sincere for each consumer to provide high-quality digital accessories and services , To create a comfortable and comfortable life experience. A youth color home, is Active short, symbolic positive, dynamic youth, reflect the brand's product style and positioning, while passing a youthful up, vibrant positive energy. Brand style: vitality, fashion, trend Brand positioning: in the high-end market, rich product range, covering 3C digital accessories Brand characteristics: minimalism, excellent quality Brand slogan: for the dream to move forward Brand slogan: MIXZA for you, for the dream to create the opportunity